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Ponferrada 1958. Writer and journalist, political analyst, university professor, author of essay books, travel, novels. Director of the Biblioteca Gil y Carrasco in which he has edited the complete works of the romantic writer Enrique Gil. Now he works in: Romanticism and Digital Humanities; political analyst (Spain, Iran / Mediterranean); glo-cal environmentalism and climate change (Antarctica, El Bierzo).

Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Santiago, Doctor of Fine Arts from Salamanca, Master in European Communities from the Diplomatic School of Madrid, Master EAVE in Audiovisual Production (European Commission); Master in Community Manager by the UNED Foundation; Impact Europe diploma from the Green European Foundation. Blanco Amor Novel Award 1990 for Riosil. Galicia Communication Award 1991. Francisco de Cossío Journalism Award 1989. Mi Retina Honor Award, Ponferrada Film Festival, 2007.

He published his first article in the magazine Aquiana in 1971, at the age of thirteen; at fifteen he wins the National Writing Prize 1974. In the summer of 1975 he presented Panorama de Galicia, the TVE regional news. In 1979 he traveled to the Amazon, where he lived with yaguas and boras, an initiatory experience that marked his vocation. In 1984, director of Radio 80 Pontevedra. Editor in La Voz de Galicia, La Región, La Vanguardia, Viajar, Agencia EFE, El Correo Gallego, Faro de Vigo, El País Semanal. Write miles of news and chronicles through forty years of experience in the press, radio, television and Internet. Currently he writes in La Nueva Crónica the ecology blog The small is beautiful.

Executive producer of IBISA TV from 1998 to 2010, director of more than eighty documentaries and TV international series as Hanan or Linatakalam. Since 2011 he has been the editor of Paradiso_Gutenberg, whose label is eBooksBierzo is a pioneer in digital publishing.

Political analyst in the blog Tornarratos, constructive criticism from the periphery, shared in TVG, Radio Galega, Confidential Galicia, World Bank, ESD, InfoLibre, Digital Galicia, Among his latest books, a research Pescanova Crime Perfect, Ahí estamos, Mayo iraní (Iranian May: the Persian spring).

In 1986/87 he was the chronicler of the First Spanish Scientific Expedition to Antarctica, an experience he recounts in the book Viaje a los mares de la Antartida. Thirty years later, he repeated the adventure in the austral summer 2016/17 with an enthralling five-month stay in Antarctica, as chronicler of the XXX Spanish Scientific Expedition, narrated through the Agencia EFE and the blog Horizonte Antarctica. The scientific chronicles are collected in the book The adventure of science.

Academic profile: Working in Romanticism, Digital Humanities, Enrique Gil y Carrasco, political analysis, Iran; Antarctica, climate change, environmentalism, El Bierzo.

Doctoral thesis: Inventario Fotográfico Berciano: Memoria fotográfica y Reconstrucción Audiovisual, Universidad de Salamaca, 1998 (download in GREDOS).